Civil War Confederate

SET 110 WAR OF THE REBELLION Official Records Union/Confederate Armies CIVIL WAR Us CIVIL War Artillery Sword With Scabbard Marked 65 Confederate #q41 Us CIVIL War Short Navy Cutlass Sword With Scabbard No Marks Confederate CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE GENERALS WITH R. E. LEE AND JACKSON ENGRAVING 1860's 1863 Confederate CIVIL War $500 Bond With All 10 Coupons Soldier At Center 1902 TX Medal Civil War Confederate Veterans Reunion Souvenir Token ROBERT E LEE Lot of Civil War Confederate Army Men 181 Pieces Buildings, Cannons, Horses+ Rare Civil War Burnt Hickory Road Georgia Union Confederate Fired Shot Relic Solid Cast Confederate Civil War Coat Button C. S. A CSA Blank T-21 / PF-5 $20 1861 Confederate Currency CSA Civil War Graded PMG 30 VF T-9 1861 $20 Confederate Currency CIVIL War Note Pmg 63 49455 Us CIVIL War Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry Wristbreake Sword W Scabbard Confederate American Civil War era Confederate Cavalry Sword with Captured US 1865 Ames Co Confederate Jeancloth jacket handsewn buttonholes reenactment American civil war Civil War Confederate Wool Pants Trousers Handmade Gettysburg PA Size 38 Britains American Civil War Confederate Limber, S├╝dstaaten Kanonenzug, 7434 Top 10 U S CIVIL War Songs Civil War Confederate Handmade Wool Pants Trousers Gettysburg PA Size 38 1862 $2 Two Dollar Confederate States Currency CIVIL War Note Money T-42 Pmg 45 Civil War Confederate Import Enfield Bayonet Civil War Confederate shell jacket, Richmond Depot Type II, size 40 Civil war confederate officers double breasted wool frock coat 50 Immortal Confederate Six Hundred Prison Life During The CIVIL War 1869 T-65 1864 $100 Confederate Currency CIVIL War Note 37771 American CIVIL War In 10 Minutes Manny Man Does History Rare Civil War Tintype Ferrotype Confederate Soldiers Portrait Painted Christies T-39 1862 $100 Confederate Currency Train Note CIVIL War Bill 25252 Rare FIRST BATTLE OF BULL RUN Manassas VA Civil War CONFEDERATE 1861 Newspaper T-39 $100 Confederate Currency Very Fine CIVIL War Money 10359 Big Custom Handmade Confederate CIVIL War Gaucho Coffin Bowie Forge Alamo Hunter T-57 1963 $50 Confederate Currency CIVIL War Note 16809 Antique CIVIL War CDV Photograph Confederate General Simon Bolivar Buckner Csa CS Richmond Arsenal CONFEDERATE Civil War Pewter & Iron Gimlet Artillery Tool 1861 $20 Dollar Bill Confederate States Currency CIVIL War Ship Note T-9 Vf-ef Original CIVIL War Confederate Drummer Boy Tintype 1/6 Plate Very Good Large Confederate Fighting Dagger Bowie Knife, American Civil War era 1861 $20 Female Riding Deer Smokin Indian Confederate State Bogus CIVIL War Note RARE Civil War CONFEDERATE 2nd Infantry Regiment Bugle Button T. W. & W. PARIS Pmg Au-53 1864 Confederate $10 Note Csa CIVIL War Au-53 T-68 Hawthorne Village Civil War Confederate Express Set HO/On30 The Last Veteran Of The CIVIL War Why Is The South Obsessed With The CIVIL War 1862 T-41 $100 One Hundred Dollar Confederate Currency CIVIL WAR Bill CSA Note La Belle Rebelle John Paul Strain Civil War Print Confederate Spy Belle Boyd T-66 1864 $50 Confederate Currency Pmg 25 CIVIL War Bill 80549 Conte ACW57112 American Civil War Antietam Confederate 6 Figures & Terrain Base T-41 $100 Confederate Currency Very Fine CIVIL War Money 22811 1/9 Plate Civil War Tintype of Young Confederate Infantryman John Ford Confederate Generals Killed In Combat Deathsites And Graves Part III Civil War CDV Confederate General PGT Beauregard 2 Dug Civil War Confederate Lined Infantry Button Relic CS Siege Lines Petersburg Estate Hair Pin Pendant Brooch Jewelry Ambrotype Possibly Confederate Civil War South Carolina Troops In Confederate Service First Edition 1913 CIVIL War Antique CIVIL War CDV Photograph Confederate General Braxton Bragg Csa Anthony Vintage Original CIVIL War Ucv Confederate Southern Cross Of Honor Medal-atlanta Civil War CDV Photograph Confederate JAMES LONGSTREET withMontgomery, Ala Back Mark 1st Ed 1895 Two Years on the Alabama Arthur Sinclair Confederate Navy Civil War CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE PEWTER CSA BUCKLE Broken C S Noble Brothers Rome Georg American Civil War, 15mm Miniatures, Confederate Brigade Hawthorne Village Civil War Confederate Express HO Scale Train Set (12 pieces) CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE GEORGIA GMI CADET BUTTON ON CLOTH. Two Rings of Dots 1861 Confederate States Of America CSA Civil War 1/10 Coin Token BG794 Artifacts At The Confederate Memorial Hall Museum War Department Confederate Cavalry Great Coat, Gray, Civil War, New T-66 1864 $50 Confederate Currency Pmg 35 CIVIL War Bill 30078 Civil War Confederate Shell Jacket Sz. 40 John S. Mosby, Ink Signature & Sentiment Confederate CIVIL War Gray Ghost Rare CIVIL WAR Army Nurse Memoir HOSPITAL NURSING SLAVERY UNION CONFEDERATE Antique Rare CONFEDERATE Raleigh NC North Carolina CIVIL WAR Nearing End 1865 Newspaper CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE PRINT MOSBY REPORTS SIGNED by DALE GALLON #552 of #750 Airfix Civil War Soldiers Huge Lot of Figures -Confederate Union 1/72 HO/OO Campaigner Quality Civil War Shell Jacket and Kepi Confederate Superbly Built American Civil War era Confederate Fighting Dagger Bowie Knife CIVIL War 1864 A Virtual Reality Experience In The Trenches The Confederate Line CIVIL War Confederate Csa Buckle Atlanta Arsenal CIVIL War Confederate Missouri Coat Button Waterbury Button Co Extra Confederate Alabama Volunteer Corps AVC Civil War Overcoat Button Confederate Civil War Missouri State Seal Staff Militia Cuff Button The Yellow Rose Of Texas Confederate CIVIL War Song CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE GEORGIA GMI CADET BUTTON ON CLOTH. Two Rings of Dots Antique Civil War Daguerreotype Tintype Confederate Drummer Boy Soldier in Case The Burning Of Chambersburg 1864 First Edition CIVIL War Confederate Raid

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