Civil War Confederate

1865 CIVIL War Escape Confederate Prison Captain Feather's Copy Pennsylvania 1st Ron Tunison Confederate Stonewall Jackson Civil War Cold Cast Bronze Bust Dug Civil War Relic Confederate William Byrd Infantry Button-RARE LIFE OF GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE 1875 civil war CSA confederate MAPS ILLUS VG+ RARE Confederate Artillery Officers Shell Jacket, Civil War 1861 $10 DOLLAR Hollings CONFEDERATE STATES CURRENCY CIVIL WAR NOTE T-28 PMG 30 LEE AND HIS GENERALS Civil War Confederate Robert E Lee MATTHEWS FRAMED ART 31.5 American CIVIL War Confederate Army 1 Month In Progress Report USA Virginia Honours Confederate CIVIL War Generals On Lee Jackson Day 1861 T-26 $10 The Confederate States of America Note CIVIL WAR Era PMG VF 25 T-26 / PF-2 $10 1861 Confederate Currency CSA Civil War Graded PMG 30 EPQ T-68 1864 $10 Confederate Currency Pmg 63 Epq CIVIL War Note 81010 $100 1862 Richmond Va Confederate Banknote CIVIL War Bill Currency #469 Exploring A Confederate CIVIL War Cave Personal Recollections In The Confederate Army With General Forrest Memoir Confederate Gray Shell Jacket, Civil War, New 1862 $100 Confederate States Currency CIVIL War Cotton Hoer Note Csa Paper T-41 Unc 1864 $10 Dollar Confederate States Currency CIVIL War Note Money Pmg 63 Epq Reproduction CIVIL War Confederate Officers Sword T-6 1861 $50 CONFEDERATE CURRENCY PCGS 40 comment CIVIL WAR MONEY 137 Antique MID 1800's CIVIL War Csa Confederate Field Glasses Binoculars The Southern Bivouac Complete Set Brand New Confederate Magazine Reprint Confederate Civil War Wool Kepi, Custom Tailored Sz. 58cm 1862 $100 Dollar Confederate States Currency CIVIL War Note Old Paper Money T-39 Sterkowski BUFFALO Leather Kepi Cap Replica History Confederate Civil War 1899 Hampton and His Cavalry in'64, Confederate Civil War Memoir, Wells, 1st ed Easton Press CSA CONFEDERATE GEN. JUBAL EARLY AMERICAN CIVIL WAR MILITARY LEE Chickamauga Day 2 Ultimate General CIVIL War Confederate Campaign 37 1898 Slavery WHITE OR BLACK, A MAN Civil War CONFEDERATE SOUTH African American Kronprinz Toy Soldiers American CIVIL War Acw032 Confederate Artillery Set #1 1/6 Sideshow Brotherhood in Arms Civil War Confederate Northern Virgina Officer Dug North Carolina Confederate Civil War Coat Button Relic W Wildt Petersburg VA Civil War Confederate 1861 Virginia Jefferson Davis / Stephens Election Ballot US Civil War Replica Confederate Staff & Field Officer's 36 Sword with Scabbard Civil War CDV Confederate General A P Hill KIA 1860s Confederate Civil War -Mary C. Brightly Mobile, AL Sheet Music Book Lot Dug CIVIL WAR LOUISIANA State Seal CSA Pelican button confederate LA7 Horstmann Confederate Mounted Artillery Drill Manual CIVIL War 1863 Reprint Brand New 28mm ACW metal CONFEDERATE 17th GEORGIA Pro Painted US Civil War 68308 T-60 1863 $5 Confederate Currency CIVIL War Bill 96979 Confederate Cavalry Shell Jacket, Civil War, New Confederate Long Arms and Pistols A Pictorial Study Hill & Anthony 1978 1ST ED Antique CIVIL War Confederate Csa Colonel Charles C. Crews Albumen Photograph CDV Photo of Civil War CONFEDERATE General AMBROSE POWELL HILL CIVIL War Confederate Virginia Coat Button Extra Quality Sideshow Dragon CIVIL War Confederate General Lee With Horse 1/6 12 Inch 15mm civil war huge union army and confederate. + 500 painted and based figures San Antonio Texas 1862 $100 Confederate States Currency CIVIL War Note Moneyt-40 Two Confederate Texas Civil War Buckles Dale Gallon print, Confederate Glory, Picketts Charge, Gettysburg Civil War Confederate South Carolina Coat Button HT And B SC15A Antique CDV Photograph Confederate Csa General Stonewall Jackson CIVIL War REBEL CIVIL WAR MILITARY MAN AND WIFE! Civil War Confederate and Wife Tintype Original Civil War Solid Cast Confederate Coat Button C. S. A CSA Original Confederate Staff Officer Button Clean Extra Rich Treble Gilt Civil War Original Civil War Confederate Parole Pass April 10,1865 Appomatox, Va Original Civil War C. S. Confederate State Saddle Shield CS Brass Dug North Carolina Confederate Civil War Coat Button Relic CS Camp Petersburg VA 1863 $100 Dollar Confederate States Currency CIVIL War Note Paper Money T-56 Vf Rare 1st ed North Carolina Confederate Civil War History Regiments, Walter Clark Civil war confederate officers double breasted wool frock coat 4 row braids 50 Rare CONFEDERATE Battle of Fredericksburg Union Defeat 1862 Civil War Newspaper Civil War Era Iron Cannon Water Sponge Bucket Grease Tar Pail Confederate Union Marx/Britains++ 54mm Civil war Confederate camp custom playset 95 figs ++usedoop Don Troiani Confederate Standard Bearer Civil War Fine Art Print ORIGINAL CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE MUSICIAN with TRUMPET 34th REGIMENT TINTYPE Jules Verne S Mysterious Island Part 1 Confederate CIVIL War Camp In Texas We Find Big Silver W Britain 31264 We Hit em Boys! Confederate 10-Pound Parrott Gun 6 Pc Set 1861 CONFEDERATE CENT 4-Coin SMITHSONIAN 150th CIVIL WAR Set PLATINUM! #J991 Collectors Showcase CIVIL War Confederate Calvary Soldiers Set Of 3 C1870 GEORGIA CONFEDERATE Ledger 1st GA Cavalry CO G Civil War DAVITTE Bill NC Confederate Richmond Gray Shell Jacket, Civil War, New Rare CONFEDERATE CAPITAL with Braxton Bragg in Kentucky Civil War 1862 Newspaper Civil war confederate reenactor shell jacket with 3 row braids 42 CIVIL War Confederate Veteran Slouch Hat With Cord And Reunion Pin Estate Pcs Civil War Confederate 1861 Virginia Jefferson Davis / Stephens Election Ballot 1863 Confederate Hand Cut $5 Note Paper Money Wilmington NC Civil War Era Signed 1986 Tom Clark Civil War Confederate Soldier Statue T-66 1864 $50 Confederate Currency Pmg 30 CIVIL War Bill 55990 Antique CDV Photograph Confederate General William Barksdale Anthony CIVIL War Very Nice Confederate Civil War Veteran UCV Reunion Badge Louisville, Kentucky

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