1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton

1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton
1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton

1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton

The ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - July to December, 1862 - Volume XLI. 1862, London: Printed and Published by George C. Quarter-leather, marbled boards, very good condition, no foxing, with 708 pages.

Frontispiece - Supplement to the Illustrated London News, October 4, 1862. The Late Earl Canning/The Last Resting Place of the Late Earl Canning in the North Transept of Westminster Abbey. The Earl of Mount Edgecombe placing the Memorial Stone of the Devonport, Stonehouse, and Cornwall Hospital.

The Fatal Explosion at a. Cap Manufactory, Birmingham: View of the Ruins. The Lady Godiva Procession at Coventry.

General View of the Agricultural Show at Battersea. Prize Dogs from the Exhibition at the Agricultural Hall. Full-page-Street Drinking-Fountain in Victoria Park, the Gift of Miss Burdett Coutts/Two Nestorians at the Strangers' Home for Asiatic, Limehouse. Group of Porcelain Articles by Sir James Duke and Nephews/The Lady Godiva Ribbon by J.

Sterne's''Maria'' by Andrea Appiani, Jnr. The International Exhibition: View in the Natal Court. Middlesex Society's New School, in St.

The War in America: Refugees from Southern Cities of the Mississippi Flocking for Protection for Protection to the Federal Transports on their Advance Down the River, &c. Royal Marriages - Princess Alice. The Marriage of Princess Alice with Prince Louis of Hesse-Darmstadt: St.

Clare, Isle of Wight, the temporary Abode. Prize Animals from the Royal Agricultural Society's Show in Battersea Park. The Marriage of Princess Alice with Prince Louis of Hesse-Darmstadt: Departure of Their Royal Highnesses from Osborne for St.

Clare, the Seat of Colonel Harcourt. The Choral Festival in Peterborough Cathedral. The Civil War in America. Portion of the Water Batteries at For Pillow, on the Mississippi, after the Evacuated-Looking up the River/Main Battery at For Pillow, on the Mississippi, Evacuated by the Confederates on the 5.'Go to Sleep'' a Marble Group by J.

Durham/''The Bad Neighbours'' by G. Verlat/Ornamental Iron Gates in the Hardware Square by W.

Baily and Sons/Whitworth's Self-Acting Radal Drilling-Machine, etc. Chimeneypiece in the Nave L. Marchand of Paris/M'Dougall's Stall-The Highlands of Scotland/''Girl of the Parish, in Daleecarlia by the Fireside'' by Johan Frederick Hockert.

'Nameless and Friendless'' by Miss Osborne. Carved Ivory Cabinet by H. Fourdinois/Glass Chandelabrum, und the East Dome by F. Osler/Enamelled Cup by Harry Emanuel. Lord Portman, President of the Agricultural Society/Trial of Steam-Ploughs near Farningham, Kent.

The Late Major-General, the Hon. Robert Bruce, Governor to H.

Town and Fort of Acapulco, on the West Coast of Mexico, with the English and French Squadron Lying in the Harbour. Jonathas'' Winner of the First Fontainebleau Stakes/the New Racecourse at Fontainebleau, &c. The Award of Prizes at the International Exhibition: Portion of the State Ceremonies on the Upper terrace of the Horticultural Society's Gardens.

The Marriage of Princess Alice with Prince Louis of Hesse-Darmstadt: Prayer Book and casket f rom the Miadens of England/Jewelled Fan, the Gift of the Maharajah Dhuleep Singh/Paper Weight Presented by the Duchess of Athole/ Jewell Casket, the Gift of the Countess of Fife. Clare, Isle of Wight, the Temporary Abode of Their Royal Hignesses: The Drawing Room/The Conservatory/ The Lodge by the Sea. The Wedding of Princess Alice with Prince Louis of Hesse-Darmstad in the Drawing-Room of Osborne House. The Marriage of Princess Alice with Prince Louis of Hesse-Darmstad. The Schloss (Or Grand Ducal Palace) at Darmstadt/The Louisen Platz (Or Square) Darmstadt/Departure of Princess Alice and Prince Louisof Hesse from Osborne in the Victoria and Albert.

Miss Lucy Anderson, the Eminent Pianist. Pixley, of the Victoria Rifles, Winner of the Queen's Prize at the National Rifle Contest.

American Civil War - Federal Gun-Boat. The Wimbledon Prize Meeting: Rifle Matche between the Lords and Commons. Paper-Making and Cutting Machine by Bryan, Donkin and Co. The Award of Prize Medals-The Horticultural Society's Gardens.

The Civil War in America: Destruction of the Confedarate Flotilla of Memphis. The Faid Gihaad, Yacht of the Viceroy of Egypt/The Banquet on Board the Viceroy of Egypt's Yacht, the Faid Gihaad. Turkish Baths in Jermyn-Street: The Messhllakh, or Cooling-Room/The Harrarah, or Hot-Chamber.

Linkester, thwe Crononer for Central Middlesex.'The Sphinx at Midnight'' by Frank Dillon.

The Nun Scene in Act III, of''Robert le Diable'' at Her Majesty's Theatre. Position of the Federal Flotilla on the Mississippi, off Fort Pillow, shortly befoe its Evacuation/ Colonel Fitch and the 46. Indiana Volunteers taking at the Point of a Bayonet the Confederate Battery of Fort St. Charles, on the White River, Arkansas. At the Guildhall: The Ball in the temporary Saloon.

The Award of Prize Medals: Earl Granville, President of the Royal Commission, Reading the Address. The Chairmen of the Juries delivering the Awards to Earl Granville. Folwer's Patent Four-Furrow Steam-Plough/Tuxford's Road Traction-Engine/Folwer's Patent Engine and Windlass for Steam-Ploughing.

Bombardment of Point Battery and East Gate/Bombardment of the North and East Gates/The Capture of. Breaches in the City Wall/View from a Bridge about two miles from Ningpo, showing the City, and the British, French, and Imperial Encampments/Storming Party under Lieut. Davis Holding a Gateway between the Salt and East Gates: Death of Lieut. The Bird's Eye View of Canada.

Gorgon to the Zambezi - The Brig Betty Ellen Discharging Sections of Dr. Livingstone's New Steamer the Lady Nyassa into the Pioneer to take up the Zambezi/the Pioneer passing Mozambala with boats in tow laden with parts of the Steamer for Dr.

Livingstone/The Gig and Whaler of H. Gordon off the High Hill of Makanga, in the River Sheri. The Civil War in America: Scene of Operations in Eastern Virginia, showing M'Clelland's Present Position. The Late Bishop of Armagh/Armagh Palace.

The Northhamptonshire Agricultural Society's Show in Burghley Park, near Stamford. Williams the Winner of Earl of Dudley's Prize at the recent National Rifle Contest at Wimbledon. Clay/''de Foe in the Pillory'' by Eyre Crowe.

From the Exhibition at the Royal Academy. Full-page/''de For in the Pillory'' by Eyre Crowe.'A Village Wedding-Train'' by Nicholas Swertchkof/''The Last of the Abencerages'' by H. Tidey/''Tired Sheep-Glen Spean, Scotland'' by R. Adsell/''The Cradle'' by J. Israels/''The First-Born'' by F. Silver Repousse Table Manufactured byMessrs. /Top of Elkington's Repousse Table/Silver Surtout of the Duke of Magenta, &c. The Cotton of various Climes. Civil War in America: Cottonburners in the Neighbourhood of Mephis Surprised by Federal Scouts. General view of the Volunteer Camp on Ascot Heath. Ascent of Mont Blanc: M.

Bisson's Photographic Expedition leaving the Station of the Grands Mulets. Span of a Large Iron Lattice-Bridge to Cross the River Jumna, near Delhi. The Mooraboul Viaduct on the Melbourne and Ballarat Railway, Australia.

His Excellecy Stephen Allen Henson, President of Liberia/The Late henro Mouhot, Naturalist. Demolition of Hungerford Market to make room for the Charring-Cross Railway Station.

The Goodwood Races: The Goodwood Cup/The Steward's Cup/The Chesterfield Cup/''The Whiffler'' Winner of the Goodwood Cup. The Treat of Commerce Dcreen Carpet, by Tapling, of Gresham-Street/Cotton Manufacture: Harrison's Sizing-Machine/Cotton in its Different Stages/Stove by Messers. Stuart and Smith of Shefield/Marble Chimneypiece by Leclercq, in the Belgian Court.

Cotton Manufacture: Platt's Self-Acting Mule, or Cottonspinning-Machine. Cotton Manufacture: Machinery of Platt Brothers, Oldham.'A Martyr in the Riegn of Diocletian'' by E. Little Marney Tower, Essex, Visited by the Essex Archeological Society. The Great Schools of England: St. Paul's School, East End of St.

Rosa's Comet/Path of the Comet now Visible. Preparation at Cherbourg for the Departure of the Reinforcements for Mexico. International Exhibition: Writing Room/Telegraph Office Smoking Room/Post Office/ Police Office. The Church of the Messiah, Broad-Street, Birmingham/The New Cancer Hospital at Brompton. The East India Steam Navigation Company's Steamer Stanley, Running on the Ganges.

Freshwater Fishes: Angling in Scotland. Salmon-Leap o the River Allen/Angling on the Echaig, near Kilmun/An Angling-Match on Loch Levin. Muslin Embroidered Coverlet, designed and manufactured by Messrs. Brown, Sharo, and Tyars, of Wattlin-Street, and of Paisley/Floorcloth, by Messrs.'Prometheus'' a Marble Statue by Guiseppi Croft/Siebes' Ice-Making Machine/Coalbrookdale Gates and Court, &c.

New railway-Bridge over the Rhine, near Mayence/intended New Bridge over the Thames at Blackfriars. Dock on course of Construction at Boulogne.

Charles Prest, President of the Wesleyan Methodist Society/New Wesleyan Schools at Blackburn, Lancashire. The Imperail Hotel at Great Malvern. Laying the Doundation-Stone of the Albert Harbour, Greenock. Diving for Sponges on the Coast of Syria. Volunreer Review and Fete at Shrubland Hall, near Ipswich, the Seat of Sir George Broke-Middleton.

'Ino and Bacchus'' Marble Group by H. /''Fisherman's Hut in Lapland'' by J. Of Regent-Street/The Piping Bullfinch in the Swiss Court/ Besley'sType-Casting Machine/Ransome and Sims' Agricultural Machinery/Iron Candelabra for Churches from the Royal Foundry, Berlin;Candelabra by Messrs. Garrard for His Highness the Maharajah Dhuleep Singh, &c.

Plan of the Thames Embankment. The Tuapeka Goldfields, Otago, New Zealand/Part of the Town and Harbour of Dunedin, the capital of Otago, New Zealand. Half-Crown Day at the International Exhibition. The Paris Permanent and Universal Exhibition Building in the course of Construction.

The Late John Thomas, Sculptor. The Town and Cathedral of Monreale, in Sicily. Presentation of Lord Palmerston's Portrait to the Inhabitants of Dover: The Premier Addressing the Town Council in the Maison Dieu Hall. The Prince of Wales, Exhibitied by Mr. Emanuel, of Brook-Street/the Outram Shield, Exhibited by Nessrs.

Hunt and Roskell/''The Wounded Achilles'' A Plaster Sculpture by Carl Cauer/''The Peri'' a Marble Statue by W. Westacott/Figure in Vulcanised Indiarubber by C. Sant/''A Girl with Pitcher'' by T. Hereford Screen, Designed by G. Detail of Grille from The Hereford Screen/Angel from the Hereford Screen/Angels from the Hereford Screen/Capital and Portion of Shaft of Column from the Hereford Screen.

View of the Medieval Court. Full-page/View of the Nave looking East. Commencement of the Thames Embankment; Driving the First Pile in front of the Duke of Buccleuch's Mansion. The Aye-Aye, recently added to the Zoological Society's Collection, Regent's Park/Musk Deer/Prize Rabbits from the Summer Exhibition of Poultry, Pegeons, and Rabbits at the Crystal Palace/Crevfcoeur Fowls and Japanese Bantams. Woodhouse-Grove School, near Leeds, for the Education of Sons of methodist Ministers/Church of St. Andrew, Dublin, in process of Erection/St. James''s New Vestry Hall, Picadilly/Baron Rothschild's New Mansion, Piccadilly.

'Reality and Appearance, marble Statue by Victor Leharivel-Durocher/Articles of Glass by Messrs. Dobson and Pearce/Brush Trophy in the Russian Court/Tuer and Hall's Power-Loom for Weaving carpets. Portions of the Austrian and. Courts as seen from Western Dome.

Full-page''Western Coast of the Island of Heligoland'' by Herman Eschke. Projected Marriage of the Prince of Wales. Trial-trip on the Metropolitan (Underground) Railway: The Train passing the Portland-Road Station. Grand National Eisteddfod at Carnarvon Castle.

Bray's Traction-Engine drawing a Girder 74 feet long and Weighing twenty tons through the Streets of London by Night. The Monster Load passing the Bank of England.

Her Majesty the Queen leaving Greenhithe in the Royal Yacht for Germany. The Guild Mayor of Preston/The Preston Guild Festival: The Proposed Townhall/The Royal Morth Lancashire Agricultural. Dinner/The Mayor Laying the Foundation-Stone of the North-East Corner of the New Townhall/Meeting of the Royal North Lancashire Agricultural Society on the Holmsfield, Penwortham. Complete Grand Plan of the International Exhibition. Double-page/The Western Annex/The Eastern Annex, &c.

The Late John Bird Sumner, Archbishop of Canterbury/Addington House, Surrey, the Country Residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Fatal Fire at the Liverpool Workhouse, Brownlow-Hill, Ruins of the Children's Dormitory. The New Iron-Clad Fleet: Landing at Chatham Dockyard of H. Frigate Royal Oak, 50 Guns.

Queen Victoria's visit to Germany: Reinhardsbrunn, near Gotha, the Resident of Her Majesty' Full-page. View of the Gulf of Spezia, taken from the Forts showing the House at Varignano in which Garibaldi is Confined.

The Preston Guild Festival: Costume Ball in the Guild Assembly Room. The Trader's Procession doubling at the Triumphal Arch, London-Road. Floral Festival recently held at Dumfries in Honour of the Dumfries and Galloway Horticultural Society's Fiftieth Anniversary. Clock, Candelabra, and Portes Bouquets by M. Poilleux, of Paris/Blast-Engines by the Lilleshall Company, Shiffnal, Shropshire/The Orchestrarion by M.

Welte of Voiiirenchbach in the Zolverein De/ Church Organ built by Messrs. Forster and Andrews of Hull/Merryweather and Son's Patent Steam Fire-Engine/ Fire-Engine presented to Mr.

Hodges by the Inhabitants of Lambeth. Inaugueration of the New Tower of St.

Mary Magdelen's Church, Tunton. Volunteer Fete given by Mr. Harvey, the High Sheriff of Norfolk, at Crown Point, near Norwich;The Review. View of Bilbao, Spain, from the Railway Station.

Garibaldi at Varigano from a drawing by M. Queen Victoria's visit to Germany. The Ducal Palace at Gotha/The Market-Place, Gotha. The Doncastrer Cup/The Annual Regatta of the Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club, recently held at Glasgow.

Trophy of Galvano-Plastic Works of Art by Messrs. Elkington of Regent-Street/Design for the East Window of St. George's Church, Doncaster, by Hardman and Co.

Birmingham/''The Sleep of Sorrow and the Dream of Joy'' sculpture by R. Monti/''Lucifer'' a plaster statue by. Corti/Group of Articles by Messrs. Goyers Brothers of Louvain/ Bedstead by Heal and Son/Stove by Messrs. /Ornamental Door in White and Parlby, of Great Marlborough-Street. International Exhibition: The Algerian Court. International Expedition: The Furniture Court. The Southern Union and the Northern Union. Statue in Nelson-square, Bolton to the Memory of Samuel Crompton, the Inventor of the Spinning Machine called The Mule/Inauguration of the Statue to Samuel Compton - Sunday-School Children singing the National Anthem. The Duke of Cambridge's Official Visit to the Channel Islands: Reception of H. Garibaldi's Quarters ay Varigano, Soezia. Garibaldian Prisoners on their way from Aspromone to the Fort of Genoa. The Civil War in America: General Suart (Confederate) with his Cavalry Scouting in the neighbourhood of Culpepper Courthouse. The Civil War in America: Colonel of the 4. Regiment European Brigade of the Confederation Army.

Paris Fashions for October, &c. Soiree given by the Burgomaster and Common Council of Brussels, at the Hotel de Ville to the Members of the Social Science Congress. The Castle at Wartburg, German, the''Patmos'' of Luther/Luther's Chapel at Wartburg Casle/Luther's House at Wartburg/Luther's Room at the Wartburg.

2 pages The Most Rev. Charles Thomas Longley, Archbishop of Canterbury. International Exhibition:''The Two Friends - Sebastopol'' by J. Bellance in the Munich Gallers.

View of Auckland, New Zealand during the Regatta-The Race of Maori War-Canoes/View of Auckland from the Crater Eden. King Leopold's Public Entry into Brussels, arrival of H. Weighing Cotton a Bombay for the English Market. International Exhibition: Group of Wedgwood and Majolica Ware, by Wedgwood and Co. /Carpets/Cups made of Ostrich Eggs, in the Algerian Court Decorations in the Furniture Cour/New Swiss-Cradle by Norman, &c.

International Exhibition;''The Emigrant's Farewell'' by Carl Hubner/Fruits and vegitables, etc. In Horticultural Society's Gardens.

Full-page/''Farewell - For Ever'' by V. The Zoostera Marina, or Grass-Wrack, Mr. Harben's proposed Substitute for Cotton. Of the Memorial Statue to Mr.

Merchant Taylor's School, Suffolk-Lane, Cannon-Street, City/ The Upper Schoolroom of the Merchant Taylor's Schoolroom. Presentation to the Victoria Rifles at Montreal, Canada.

View of Smyrna from the West.'Farewell - For Ever'' by V. Manzano/''Daphne'' marble statue by Marshall Wood/Thorneycroft's''Skipping Girl'' stauette in Parian by Minton and Co.

/''Memory'' marble statue by W. /Figures bearing Candelabra, in the French Court by Messrs. Miroy Brothers, Paris/Mosaic Pavement by Minton/Honiton Lace Flounce by Debenham, Son and Freebody, of Wigmore Street, &c.

'Winter in Zealand'' by A. Department of Machinery in Motion in the Western Annex. Sugar Refinery Apparatus of Messrs. The Constitutional Struggle in Prussia.

The Opening of the Hartley Institution at Southampton by Lord Palmerston: Arrival of His Lordship. The Circassian Envoys in England: Hadji Effendi - Constan Okhoo Ismael Effundi. The Inundation of the Fens: The Blown Sluice at the Marshland Drain. The Inundation of the Fens: The Syphom Dam of the Middle-Level Drain. The Queen's visit to Germany: The Ducal Palce and Church of St. Moritz, Coburg/Kallenburg, near Coburg, the Duke's Hunting Chatea. Opening of the Hartley Institution by Lord Palmerston. The Diocesan Training College, Winchester, opened by the Bishop of Winchester. Scene of the recent Railway Accident at Winchburgh, on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway. British Guiana and Barbadoes Courts/The Italian Court/Marble Bust of H. The Prince of Wales, by J. /Porcelain and Works of Ceramic Art/Armoury, or Port-Cullis, by Jules Fossey, in the French Court. The Admiralty Department of the Naval Court.

Monument to George Stephenson at Newcastle-on-Tyne. The Statue of Sir Hugh Middleton at Islington-Street, sculptured by the Late John Thomas.'Chamois-Hunters Reposing'' by A de Meuron.

A Night Scene on the Nile, near the Mouth of the Cairo Canal during the Festival of Gebr-el-Haleeg, or Breaking the Canal. The Late Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, Bart. Launch of Her Majesty's Armour-Plated Screw-Frigate Caledonia, 344, at Woolwich/Messrs.

Allsopp and Sonsa Pale-Ale Brewery at Burton-on-Trent.'Una and the Lion'' in metal by the Late John Thomas/Jackson and Graham's Cabinet/Stable Fittings, by Messrs. Musgrave Brothers of Belfast/Patent Viceroy Hanson Car by Evans of Liverpool/Carriage by Stevenson and Elliot of Sterling/Furniture and Parqueterie Flooring by Thonet Brothers of London and Vienna/Chinese Stove/Screen in the Chinese Court/.

Cup formed from a Human Skull in the Chinese Court/Patent Folding-Furniture by. Of Vienna/''Charles I, and His Standard-Bearer'' in Aluminium, exhibited by Bell and Co. /''The Grapplers'' Group in Bronze Zunc, Modelled by Molin/''Linnets Defending their Nest against a Doormouse'' modelled in Wax, by A. Cain/Sanford and Mallory's Flax-Gin/Blowing-Engine in the Belgian Department of the Western Annex/Austrian. / Marine Engines of the Mediterranean Forging Co.

Allison of Wardour-Street/Carved Ivory Cup, &c. Tapestries of Gobelins and Beauvais and China of Sevres. Close of the International Exhibition. Oil-Springs at their Farm, Oil Creek, Venago County, Pennsylvania. British Columbia and Prince Edward Island Courts.

The Prince of Wales - H. The Winter Exhibition:''Evening'' by Dicksee/''Morning'' by Dicksee. Processsion of the British Envoys to Madagascar from the Seashore to the Fort of Tamatave to Dine with the Governor of Tamatave: The Advanced Guard/The Band/Officers/A Native of Rank Bourne by Slaves/Full-page. International Exhibition: Centrifugal Pump by Easton, Amos and Co. /Belgian First-Class Railway Carriage, with Smoking-Room Attached/Stained Glass Window/Mr.

Small Arms in the Internationl Exhibition. The Transfer of the Land Act. Patras, the Seat of the Provisional Government at the beginning of the Revolution in Greece. The Lord Chancellor receiving the Judges in the Middle Temple.

The Civil War in America: The Last Stand made by the Federals at Manassas. The Civil War in America: View, from the West, of Richmond, Virginia, Capital of the Confederate States.

The Civil War in America: Camp of the Confederate Marines at Drury's Bluff, on the St. James's River/Drury's Bluff, a Confederate Position on the James River, near Richmond.

Rose, the New Lord Mayor. International Exhibition: Services in Glass/Smith's Power-Loom for Weavering Tufted Pile Carpet/Braziliand Court/The New Zealand Court/Plateau and Candelabra by Messrs Cristofle of Paris/ Group of Objecst in Steel/A Scene near the Eastern Dome on the Closing Day. International Exhibition: Locks, Safes, Keys.

International Exhibition: Maudelay's Engines of 800 Horse Power for the Valiant. International Exhibition: Swiss Loom for Weaving Ribbons/Clay. Of the Shropshire Coalfields/Croskill's Bell's Reaping-Machine/Venilating Globe Lights, &c. The Cotton Distress - To the Rescue.

The Cotton Famine: Distributing Tickets for Bread, Soup, Meat, Meal, Coal, etc. At the Office of the District Provident Society, Manchester.

The Proposed Mediation in America. The Great Schools of England. Rugby School/The Chapel at Rugby School. Opening of the Railway from Gottenburg to Stockholm: Arrival of the King of Sweden at the Railway Station at Gottenburg. Inauguration of the Bust of his H.

The Prince of Wales at the High School, Edinburgh. Jerusalem and the Holy Places: Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.

Principle Entrance to the Sultan's New Palace at Constantinoble. Furstenlager, a Seat of the Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt, near Auerbach.

The Cotton Famine: Receiving Clothes at Bridewell Hospital, London, for the Distress Operatives/Making up Parcels of Clothing at the Industrial Institution, Manchester/Waiting-Room at the District Provident Institution, Manchester. Meeting of the Central relief Committee in the Mayor's Parlour at the Manchester Townhall-Earl Derby in the Chair. The Cociety of Friends' Soup-Kitchen, Ball-Street, Lower Mosley-Street, Manchester.

The Cotton Famine: Group of Mill Operatives at Manchester. President Lincoln's Coup-d'Etat. The Coming of Age of the Prince of Wales Celebrated in the Bay of Naples: H. With the Prince and Princess of Prussia, going on Board the London. Testimonial to Major-General Sir Andrew Scott Waugh, Late Surveyor-General of India.

Scene from the New Opera''Love's Triumph'' at Covent Garden. Viaduct over the Taptee, near Surat, for the Bombay, Baroda, and Central India Railway. The Bay of Finlarig, Loch Tay, Perthshire, with the Mausoleum oh the Breadalbane Family.'Children Playing at Horses'' by C.

The Bishops of the Five Dioceses of the United Church of England and Ireland in Canada: Bishop of Huron/Bishop of Toronto/Bishop of Montreal/Bishop of Ontario/Bishop of Quebec. The Cotton Famine: The Sewing-Class at the Manchester and Salford District Provident Society's Rooms/Operatives Reading the latest News from America-A scene in Camp-Field Free Library, Manchester. Provision-Shop where Goods are Obtained for Tickets Issued by the Manchester and Salford Provident Society. The Cotton Famine; The Manchester and Salford District Provident Society Distributing Clothing/School for Mill Operatives at Mr. Sterling's Mill, Lower Mosley-Street, Manchester, &c.

Crimes of Violence in the Streets. Captain Semmes, of the Confederate States' Sloop-of-War Alabama/Major-General''Stonewall'' Jackson of the Confederate Army.

'A Herd of Bison Crossing a River Boom on the Upper Missouri'' by W. Lonley's Election to the Archbishopric of. In the Church of St. Saviour's Shelter, Upper Brook-Street/Shop for Mill-Hands at Mr. The Cotton Famine: Distributing Coal at the Castle-Field Old Coal-Wharf, Manchester. Restoration of Notre Dame, Paris: The Western Facade.'Nero After the Burning of Rome'' by Carl Piloty. The Loan Collection of Works of Art at South Kensington Museum. Mount Egmont, in the Province of New Plymouth (Tabanaki) North Island, New Zealand. The Shellfish Supplies: Oyster-Boats off. /Crab-Fishing off Fife Coats/Shellfish-Catchers' Cottage at Canty Bay.

Nova Scotian Gold-Fields: Laidlaw's farm, near Halifax/Horizontal Formation of Auriferous Quartz at Laidlow's Farm. Prince Alfred and the Greeks.

Cotton from India: A Cotton Fleet Descending the Ganges-Casting off from Mirzafore Early in the Morning. Cotton fron India: A Cotton Convoy Proceeding from Rewahh towards the Ganges-Night Encampment under a Banyan-Ttree. Baron Gros, the Newly-Appointed French Ambassador at the Court of St. Entrance to the Agricultural Hall from High-Street, Islington/Offices Attached to the Agricultural Hall, Islington. Prize Dogs at the Recent Show, Birmingham.

Prize Birds at the Poultry and Pigeon Show recently held at Birmingham. Opening of the Boulevard du Prince Eugene, at paris, by the Emperor. The Loan Collection-South Kensington: Cup of Ruby Glass/Pyx in Gilt Metal/Silver-Gilt Owl Cup/Silver-Gilt Chalice/Silver-Gilt Standing-Cup/Silver-Gilt Beaker/Ivory Tankard/Silver-Gilt Ewer, ascribed to Cellini/The Cellini Ewer/Mother of Pearl Cup/Oliver Cromwell's Watch/Pencase of Henry VI/Sevigne-Gold Open/Filigree-Work set with Pearls/Largest Known Pearl/Gold Rosary Worn by Mary Queen of Scots at her Execution/Samson Slaying a Philistine/Missal formerly belonging to Claude, Queen of Francis I/Silver-Gilt Tankard/Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book, &c.

Genealogical Table Showing how H. Princess Alexandra is Descended from King George II and other Relations, &c. The Queen Planting the''Prince Consort's Oak'' in Windsor Great Park.

Shakespear's Songs and Sonnets, illustrated by John Gilbert/Baldwin's''African Hunting'' Native chased by Buffalo and Calf/Birket Foster's''Pictures of English Language'' The Stepping Stones. Enthronisation of the Most Rev. Charles Thomas Longley, Lord Arbishop of Canterbury, in the Choir of Canterbury Cathedral.

The Smithfield Club Cattle Show at the New Agricultural Hall, Islington. The Smithfield Club Show Prize Cattle - Full-page. The Cotton famine: Operatives waiting for their Breakfast in Mr. Chapman's Courtyard, Mottram, near Manchester. Horatio Seymour, Governor of the State of New York: Democratic Procession passing the New York Hotel.

The Riverdale Repentance by William J.'Lord Riverdale's Repentance'' George.

Drawn by John Gilbert - Full-page. Squire Marmaduke's Daughter: Will Teague's House drawn by Samuel Read. Squire Mamaduke's Daughter: John Glass's Discomfiture drawn by A. Christmas Presents drawn by George Thomas.

Christmas Story-Telling drawn by J. Lord Riverdale's Repentence - The Last Home of the Riverdales drawn by Samuel Read. Powder and Puff drawn by James Godwin.

The Late James Sheridan Knowles.'Face to Face'' Effie Blount's Explanation. Old Christmas - Poetry by John George Watts - Music by Thomas Murby.

The Fatal Explosion at St. Edmund's Main Colliery, Barnsley: Trench Cut to the Dearne and the Dove Canal for the Purpose of Flooding the Pit. Christ's Hospital: Tha Grammar-School/One of the Dormatories at Christ's Hospital School, Ward No. 10/The Dining-Hall-Grace before Dinner-Singing a Hymn.

Hunt/''Miguel el Musrab, Sheikh of the Anazeh Tribe by Carl Haig. In New York: The Irish Zouaves/For Lafayette, the American Bastille for Political Prisoners. New English Church at St. Pierre, Calais/New Waterworks at Caterham, Surrey. Edmund;s Main Colliery, Barsley.

Elliocott, Bishop Dsinate of Gloucester and Bristol. The Cotton Famine: Working Men Dining-Hall, Gaythorn Cooking-Depot, Manchester.

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1862 American CIVIL War Confederate Army International Exhibition Canada Cotton

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